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Character Design

The postcards have been designed to play with humour and graphics. The objective is to create a memorable, yet believable character. The illustrations are thought through in terms of texture, colour, facial expressions and design style. The characters revolve around the lives of the youth including relationship complexities or the importance of a weekend, breaking the monotony of work. The humour makes these postcards catchy and relatable.

The Baetatoes Story

Young consumers have a language of their own mostly seen on social media, text messages etc.

The urban dictionary says, 'BAE' is an acronym that stands for 'before anyone else'. However, the youth, generally use is as an abbreviation for baby or babe. They also tend to use 'potato' in their daily conversations as a friendly insult to someone who comes across as a strange, uninteresting, lazy or fat person. Hence, potatoes have been used to give out a positive message, persuading the youth to have self confidence and to spread awareness that nobody is perfect in themselves but they are already perfect for someone else out there!

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