Packaging Design

Dreamery is a dairy brand based in India, by Fonterra Future Dairy. I designed 

the packaging for their flavored yogurt in two distinct styles, bold and soft.


Route 1:  BOLD

  • Strong visual language, close to the brand voice

  • Use of typography is bold, yet friendly

  • Unconventional use of bright and vibrant colors with strong contrast

  • Raw, organic and earthy illustrations

  • Large fresh fruit visuals with emphasis on texture and richness

  • Humane design bringing out inner and real goodness


Route 2: SOFT

  • Soft visual language, true to the market segment

  • Clean and minimal graphic style and typography

  • Organic and line drawing illustrative style

  • Pastel color palette for an edible and appetizing appeal

  • Play of fresh food visuals bringing out freshness and purity


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