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Illustration, Editorial, Styling & Photography


The Future Is Female is a self initiated, value-driven campaign to empower young women and spread awareness by means of fashion. For a lot of young women, there are blurred lines between luxurious and affordable. A badge is a great accessory for styling a look, while being economical. It parallely puts across a powerful message in a quirky manner, appealing to young women. The campaign boosts every woman to believe in herself.



I chose to use a blue jacket, a red and blue bandana as the headgear and a bold red lipstick. Blue represents blue feminism. To the blue feminist, feminism is an individualistic quest towards getting rich and famous while kicking away the opposition. The colour red represents rage, strength, desire, courage and determination. I completed this look using white gloves as gloves embody power, self protection as well as nobility. 

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