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ASSIGNMENT: Typesetting a chapter in two colour for a school textbook

west bengal

Genre: Academic, Text book | Execution time: 6 hours | Softwares: Quark Xpress | Two colour

In this assignment, we were asked to typeset a chapter from a Geography text book for kids in two colour. The idea was to touch upon this segment of design which is highly neglected by designers. Text books for children look dull and boring, discouraging them to read and absorb. The challenge was to print the text book in two colour, keeping it economical yet engaging and interesting with a good type hierarchy and layout. Data was laid out in the form of text, tables, timelines, fact boxes, pictures etc. I arranged it into a two column format to facilitate easy reading. The text and images lie on the same spread for easy reference unlike the text books in my school days.

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