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Logo, Visual Identity, Stationary Design, Packaging & Product Design


Hipster Tie Co. is a self initiated vibrant brand that not only offers a piece of clothing accessory but attitude, statement and uniqueness. A hipster is someone who tries to set oneself apart from the culture as a whole while simultaneously remaining within the culture. They are exceptionally aware of the latest trends and tastes. Each bowtie is unique and eccentric. The patterns are colourful and playful, which appeal to kids. The rustic yet colourful package design brings back the vintage old school feel. Children develop a fascination towards animals at a very young age, hence I chose to use animals on the lid. Hipster is effectively tailored for bowtie aficionados in the making.

Problem & Solution

I noticed that bowties at most stores are normally displayed by hanging from a flimsy plastic clip or a disposable paper box which conveys a boring vibe and makes storage difficult. My solution was to create a pinewood box that would not only make the bowties look classy and exclusive but also solve the storage issue. My package design is symmetrical so that multiple boxes can be stacked and stored in an assortment of ways, either tucked away on a shelf or proudly displayed. The packaging is both versatile and easy to accommodate in the wardrobe storage. The sturdy box ensures that the tie will retain its shape and stay crisp. I wanted the packaging to appeal to both kids and mothers. Rustic graphics depicting classic and timelessly fashionable animals with the bright rim colours are in a perfect concoction to create a likeable packaging.