8 weeks


Brand System

UI/UX Design

Art Direction


Solo Project

Tune into restorative slumber.

Lull is a music journal that gives you the tools to create your own relaxing music compositions, helping you sleep faster and deeper. 

It also keeps you safe from electromagnetic radiations that phones emit avoiding disruption of sleep cycles, circadian rhythm and melatonin levels.

It allows granular control over music to create a customised composition with multiple layers of sound: base, melodies, percussions. Each layer can be controlled. The daily journaling promotes emotional fluency. Lull also connects with Apple Health 

to derive your sleep data and curates a sleep playlist for you. 

1.1 Research and Development

1.2 Personas

1.3 Wireframes

2.1 Visual Design


2.2 Key Screens

2.3 Music Compositions


2.4 Marketing Site

2.5 Application Prototype


2.6 Product Demonstration

P.S. Please turn the sound on for each video. Set to mute by default to avoid disturbance.

Sound Demo

Step 1: Find your mood

Step 2: Add music layers

Step 3: Adjust Volume

Learn how to write your journal and record your thoughts.

Step 1: Feelings Check-in

Step 2: Spill some thoughts

Journaling Demo

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