8 weeks


Brand System

UI/UX Design

Art Direction

Print Design



Sanchi Oberoi

An experiential cultural music festival

for the Asian diaspora.

Mela is more than just another music festival. It is a journey through an artist's soul, an immersion into the self and the extended world. 

It is particularly aimed towards the South Asian diaspora community in New York they often share a feeling of “homesickness” or lack of connection to the completely different culture in the United States, away from home. Music evokes feelings and can be a great medium for both therapy and an outlet to talk about one’s emotions and connect with others.

1.1 Key Words


Colour Palette

1.2 Brand System & Visual Language


Grid System

Graphic Elements


1.3 Pre-launch Promotional Materials & Collaterals

1.4 Event Website

1.5 Website - Responsive Design


1.6 Apple wallet tickets

1.7 Digital Marketing

1.7 Launch Promotional Material & Collaterals


1.8 Key Screens

1.9 Application Prototype

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