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ASSIGNMENT: Designing a jacket for a volume of Art Criticism & typesetting an extract

memory and distance

Genre: Academic, Art Criticism | Execution time: 4 hours  Softwares: Quark Xpress, Adobe Photoshop | Hardback

In this assignment, we were asked to typeset an extract from a Carlo Ginzberg book, 'Fear, Reverence, Terror' and make a book cover for the same using a chapter title. I used an engraving referred to in the text and reproduced inside the book. I chose not to reveal the image of the silver vase on the cover to arouse curiosity in the mind of the readers. I chose to add strokes of colour to do away with boring associations of historical art. The text had a lot of headings, sub headings, section titles, indented paragraphs, photographs and captions which had to be typeset keeping in mind the right format for each kind of content, concluding in a coherent layout. This involved close attention to detail. We learnt application of hanging indentation to end notes, fully indented paragraphs and type hierarchy using different character attributes of the same font. 

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