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notes from underground


ASSIGNMENT: Interpreting a client's cover design brief

Genre: Novella | Execution time: 1hour | Softwares: Quark Xpress, Adobe Photoshop | Paperback

In this assignment, we were asked to pick a book of our choice and develop a cover brief for a classmate. All of these cover briefs were then collected and randomly distributed between us, making sure no one person received the same cover brief given by them.

We were then given ten odd mins to have a conversation with the client (aka the person we received the brief from) to understand their preferences and expectations from the design and their perspective on the book. 

I received the book, Notes from Underground by Fyodor Dostoevsky. I chose to use old paper texture to represent the origin of the book, i.e. 1864. It is considered to be one of the first existentialist novels. Elements like the small crosses and withered branches represent political disturbances and mental hardships. The brain and the thoughts emerging out of it give the reader a peek into an individual's disturbed mental state. 

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