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Major Project/ Project Proposal and Realisation

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How can print design engage and educate primary school children about mental health and wellbeing?



The core idea behind the concept of One Mindful Mind is to engage children and their parents with an interactive print tool training them in positive psychology. The objective is to give them the knowledge to be in charge of their own wellbeing and be self-sufficient, shaping healthy and resilient minds. I decided to name the toolkit 'One Mindful Mind' as I wanted it to be specific to the individual using it. 'One' signifies an individual's mind and attaches a degree of personalisation and importance. 



The outcome is in the form of an educational toolkit with four resources for children and one for their parents. The tools for children include The Mindful Workbook - helps the child indulge in self-reflective and situation based problem solving on topics like emotional literacy, self-esteem, social skills, anger management etc, The Mood Journal - helps keep a record of the child's daily thoughts and feeling improvising recognition and emotional fluency, The Feeling Flashcards - allows the child to make sense of his/her emotions and understand them better through examples they can relate to. Each card lists activities as a response to each feeling, The Thought Cards - help the child to relax and concentrate through art therapy and help him/her to pass on happy thoughts to loved ones. 

Click on the images below to read and learn more about each tool.







UNIT 4: Project Report

This publication documents my journey through the project and essentially consists of three major sections:

The Research Question and Design Area - This section discusses and evaluates the research question. It explains the rationale for the project and its context in practice and theory.

Research Methods - This section documents and evaluates the research methods. It talks about the key primary and secondary data collected, visual testing and progression towards the final outcome.

Outcome and Audience - This section defines the target audience within the scope of the project, analyses the outcome and where the audience would experience it.













the thought cards




project report
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