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Book Jacket Redesign

This project involves redesigning the book jacket for a popular classic, Gulliver's Travels. I observed that most existing covers were designed for children using cartoon illustrations, enforcing the notion of it being a children's book. I decided to revamp the book in a monochromatic tone suggesting that for the adult reader, Swift's masterpiece is a thought provoking study of mankind's capacity for good and evil. The darker tones represent evil while white represents peace. The witty and satiric style of Jonathan Swift's narrative and the elements of fantasy and thrill have a universal appeal to every reader and not just children.


I illustrated a large hand, coinciding with smaller hands and a large foot on the front and back of the cover respectively. These hands capture the essence of the entire story and effectively convey the dissimilitude between the beginning and the end. The illustration depicts the contrast between Gulliver's first and second travel. In Lilliput, his hands were binded as he was made prisoner by the tiny Lilliputians. In his second voyage, the gigantic hand acted as a hand of hospitality and kindness, to his surprise. I manipulated the image of a rustic vintage travel map to signify how old the classic is. The illustration was placed over the image. 

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