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stolen lives

ASSIGNMENT: Redesigning a cover for an upcoming Non-Fiction

Genre: Non-Fiction | Execution time: 30 mins | Softwares: Quark Xpress, Adobe Photoshop | Paperback

This cover was designed as a part of an exercise where our class was divided into groups and we had to brainstorm and pitch in book ideas. The idea was to turn the article 'Operation #BetiUthao' (about girl child trafficking in Assam, by Neha Dixit) into a book looking into investigation and the current political situation. I chose to use three distinct elements i.e. a little girl, a door and crayon scribbles. I tried to use a vibrant colour scheme to suggest upliftment, hope and dreams. The girl behind a door suggests oppression and a life within boundaries. Her innocence can be seen in her gleaming eyes which draw sympathy. The aggressive crayon scribbles over her lips represent her urge to voice suppressed feelings. Hints of saffron on the cover show how these women are brainwashed into being a part of Hindutva.

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